Calendar view

Look at your project from a different perspective. See your team tasks in one single calendar view and never miss a deadline anymore!

Time management

Board analytics

A picture is worth a thousand words! Every board has an analytics view that will give you a bird's-eye view on your project. See how your project is progressing, how much is done and how much is left to do from one single view.

Project dashboard


IferApp fits your workflow and process regardless of whether you work solo or in a team. Get people to join your boards by sending email invitations or add them from other boards. Control who can do what by giving roles to your board members.

Project collaboration

Tons of other features

Cloud based

No installation, upgrades or backups required


You get notified when a deadline approaches


Archive whatever is no longer active and hide it from your boards

My tasks

Everything assigned to you, from all boards, in one single view.

File attachments

Attach files from your computer to your tasks

Google Drive

Attach files from your google drive account


Attach files from your dropbox account


Attach files from your box account

Can't have your data on the cloud?

Those that have company policies that do not allow them to host their data on the cloud, those that just want to have their stuff on their local machines, IferApp is also available in a self-hosted package just for you.

Help us build your favorite app

IferApp is built from the ground up based on customer feedback. We setup a space for collecting and prioritize your feedback. Post issues, suggestions and vote on what you want to see implemented next!

Help us build your favorite project management application

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